timew-dom - Timewarrior DOM



Supported DOM references are:

dom.tag.count             Count of all tags
dom.tag.1                 Nth tag used                '1' if there is active tracking, otherwise '0'      Count of active tags          Active Nth tag          Active start timestamp (ISO Extended local date)       Active elapsed (ISO Period)           Active interval as JSON
dom.tracked.count         Count of tracked intervals
dom.tracked.1.tag.count   Count of active tags
dom.tracked.1.tag.1       Tracked Nth, Nth tag
dom.tracked.1.start       Tracked Nth, start time
dom.tracked.1.end         Tracked Nth, end time, blank if closed
dom.tracked.1.duration    Tracked Nth, elapsed
dom.tracked.1.json        Tracked Nth, interval as JSON
dom.rc.<name>             Configuration setting