timew-config - Timewarrior configuration file and override options


timew rc.<name>=<value> <command>


Timewarrior stores its configuration in the user's home directory in ~/.timewarrior/timewarrior.cfg. This file contains a mix of rules and configuration settings. Note that the TIMEWARRIORDB environment variable can be set to override this location. The values true, 1, y, yes and on are all equivalent and enable a setting. Any other value means disable the setting. Default values may be overridden by timewarrior.cfg values, which may in turn be overridden on the command line using: rc.<name>=<value>

For example, to turn off verbose mode:


Note that hints can also do this (:quiet).


  • confirmation

    Determines whether harmful operations require interactive confirmation.
    May be overridden by the :yes hint.
    Default value is yes.

  • verbose

    Determines whether Timewarrior generates feedback.
    May be overridden by the :quiet hint.
    Default value is yes.

  • debug

    Determines whether diagnostic debugging information is shown.
    Useful for troubleshooting, but not for general use.
    Default value is off.

  • debug.indicator

    The debug output prefix string.
    Default value is >>.