Command Syntax

You can see the full command syntax with the help command:

$ timew help

Usage: timew [--version]
       timew cancel
       timew config [<name> [<value | '']]
       timew continue
       timew day [<interval>] [<tag> ...]
       timew diagnostics
       timew export [<interval>] [<tag> ...]
       timew extensions
       timew gaps [<interval>] [<tag> ...]
       timew help [<command> | interval | hints | date | duration]
       timew lengthen @<id> [@<id> ...] <duration>
       timew month [<interval>] [<tag> ...]
       timew move @<id> <date>
       timew [report] <report> [<interval>] [<tag> ...]
       timew shorten @<id> [@<id> ...] <duration>
       timew show
       timew split @<id> [@<id> ...]
       timew start [<date>] [<tag> ...]
       timew stop [<tag> ...]
       timew summary [<interval>] [<tag> ...]
       timew tag @<id> [@<id> ...] <tag> [<tag> ...]
       timew tags
       timew track <interval> [<tag> ...]
       timew untag @<id> [@<id> ...] <tag> [<tag> ...]
       timew week [<interval>] [<tag> ...]

Additional help:
       timew help <command>
       timew help interval
       timew help hints
       timew help date
       timew help duration

       [from] <date>
       [from] <date> to/- <date>
       [from] <date> for <duration>
       <duration> before/after <date>
       <duration> ago
       [for] <duration>

       'Single Quoted Words'
       "Double Quoted Words"
       Escaped\ Spaces

Configuration overrides: