Timewarrior references holiday files and uses them when automatically filling in tracked time. Holiday files are optional, but can improve your experience.

To use holiday files, you need a line added to your ~/.timewarrior/timewarrior.cfg file, like this:

import /usr/local/share/doc/timew/holidays/holidays.en-US

That path is platform-dependent, so yours may differ.


A script is provided, named refresh with the holiday files. Its purpose is to update your holiday files. It should be run like this to update your files:

$ cd /usr/local/shared/doc/timew/holidays
$ ./refresh

That command will refresh the data in all the holiday files in that directory. This is done by downloading a JSON file from and formatting it for Timewarrior. has data for many locales, and is still growing. Please request any missing locales that you need.

To add a new holiday file, simply run the refresh script for a specific locale:

$ cd /usr/local/shared/doc/timew/holidays
$ ./refresh --locale fr-FR